The Edward J. McCluskey Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund (The EJM EGF Fund) at Stanford University .


The EJM EGF Fund account was officially opened on August 24, 2004 . The final Fund description document, Fundraising letter, a sample Pledge document, and a Gift payment instruction document are posted here for donors' reference.


Donors to the Edward J. McCluskey Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund at Stanford University


Stanford's Matching Fund


School of Engineering (up to $2 million, when matching fund available)


Corporate Sponsors


SynTest Technologies, Inc.


Employer's Matching Funds


Agilent Technologies

IBM Corporation

Intel Foundation

Synopsys, Inc.


Edward J. McCluskey PhD Advisees from Princeton University


Theodore A. Dolotta, 1961 (via the Dolotta Family Charitable Foundation)

Janusz A. (John) Brzozowski, 1962

James F. Gimpel, 1966


Edward J. McCluskey PhD Advisees from Stanford University


Don Chamberlin, 1971

Daniel P. Siewiorek, 1972

Raymond T. Boute, 1973

Alan Salisbury, 1973

Jacob A. Abraham, 1974

Gerard N. Shapiro, 1974

John F. Wakerly, 1974

David Wang, 1974 

Kenyon Mei, 1975

Alan M. Usas, 1976

M. Danielle Beaudry, 1978

Davia J. Lu, 1981

Syed Zahoor Hassan, 1984

Saied Nesbat, 1985

Joseph L.A. Hughes, 1986

Aamer Mahmood, 1986

Hassanein H. Amer, 1987

Dick L. Liu, 1987

Laung-Terng (L.-T.) Wang, 1987

Jon Udell, 1988

Nirmal Raj Saxena, 1991

Hong Hao, 1993

LaNae J. Avra, 1994

Piero Franco, 1994

Siyad Ma, 1995

Samy Makar, 1996

Nur A. Touba, 1996

T.Y. Jonathan Chang, 1998

Subhasish Mitra, 2000

Nahmsuk Oh, 2000

James C.-M. Li, 2002

Ahmad A. Al-Yamani, 2004

Erik H. Volkerink, 2004

Chao-Wen Tseng, (Ph.D. Pending)


Visiting Professors and Scholars (CRC Visitors) at Stanford University


Bella Bose, Professor & Associate Director for Academic Affairs, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State Univ., OR;