Members, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)


1989: Jeffrey D. Ullman (1966)

For contributions to theoretical computer science and for writing outstanding textbooks.


1991: Samuel H. Fuller (1972)

For contributions to computer architecture, performance evaluation, and creative leadership in research management.


1997: Don Chamberlin (1971)

For contributions to the SQL database query language.


1999: Alfred V. Aho (1967)

For contributions to the fields of algorithms and programming tools.


2000: Daniel P. Siewiorek (1972)

For contributions to wearable computers, multiprocessor design, reliable systems, and automated design synthesis.


Members, American Academy of Arts and Sciences


2003: Alfred V. Aho (1967)


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Fellows


1992: Don Chamberlin (1971)

For outstanding contributions to relational database technology.


1994: Jeffrey D. Ullman (1966)

For seminal contributions to the foundations of computer science, compiler design, database systems, as well as outstanding contributions to computer science education.


1996: Alfred V. Aho (1967)

For contributions to Interconnection Networks, High-Performance Computer Architecture, System Reliability, and Scheduling Techniques.


1998: Daniel P. Siewiorek (1972)

For outstanding contributions in parallel computer architecture, reliability, and computer architecture education.


2001: Prof. Jacob A. Abraham (1974)

For outstanding contributions in the fields of fault tolerant computing, automatic test generation and design for test, and formal verification.


IEEE Fellows


1981: Daniel P. Siewiorek (1972), Carnegie-Mellon Univ. , PA

For contributions to the design of modular computer systems.


1985: Jacob A. Abraham (1974), Univ. of Texas at Austin , TX

For contributions to the testing of large complex integrated circuits.


1986: Edward B. Eichelberger (1963), IBM, NY

For contributions to the level-sensitive scan technique of testing solid-state logics circuits.


1988: Alfred V. Aho (1967)

For contributions to programming language translation, to data structures and algorithms, and to data systems.


1993: Jacob Savir (1977), New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ

For contributions to the theory, design, and applications of built-in-self-test systems (BIST).


2002: Nirmal Raj Saxena (1991), Alliance Semiconductor, CA

For contributions to reliable computing.


AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Fellows


1984: Alfred V. Aho (1967), Bell Labs. Fellow.


Corporate Fellows


1982: Edward B. Eichelberger (1963), IBM Fellow.


1984: Alfred V. Aho (1967), Bell Labs. Fellow.


2003: Don Chamberlin (1971), IBM Fellow. 

For contributions to database query languages.


Awards, Medals, and Prizes


1984: John F. Wakerly (1974), IEEE Centennial Medal. 


1989: Don Chamberlin (1971), ACM Software System Award

For System R, a prototype relational database system.


1989: Edward B. Eichelberger (1963), IEEE Wallace-McDowell Award.


1998: Jeffrey D. Ullman (1966), Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, ACM.


2000: Jeffrey D. Ullman (1966), Knuth Prize.


2000: John F. Wakerly (1974), Cisco Systems Pioneer Award.


2003: Don Chamberlin (1971), SIGMOD Innovations Award.

For SQL and XQuery languages.


2003: Don Chamberlin (1971), Dr. Dobbs Excellence in Programming Award.

For contributions to SQL and XML query languages.


2003: Alfred V. Aho (1967), IEEE John von Neumann Medal.


2003: Alfred V. Aho (1967), Great Teacher Award, Society of Columbia

Graduates, Columbia University .


2004: Subhasish Mitra (2000), Intel Achievement Award.

For the development and deployment of a breakthrough test compression technology that improved scan test cost by an order of magnitude.


2005: Prof. Jacob A. Abraham (1974), IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award.


Honorary PhDs


1986: Alfred V. Aho (1967), Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, Univ. of Helsinki .


1992: Alfred V. Aho (1967), Doctor of Mathematics, honoris causa, Univ. of Waterloo .